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As I read the documentation that came with private access to OpenAI’s GPT-3, I noticed the warnings throughout had a chilling tone. At 175 billion parameters, this was by far the largest Transformer-based language model in the world (Microsoft’s Turing-NLG comes in second at 17 billion). At 1.6 billion parameters, GPT-2 was so good at generating realistic text that OpenAI refused to make the weights open-source, concerned about the creation and spread of fake news.

Chat playground

I entered the chat playground and started conversing with GPT-3 on a variety of topics. When approached with controversial social issues, it held a surprisingly…

Everything you need to know

In this guide we are going to create Blinknotes, a lightweight app that uses NLP to summarize anything from news articles, research papers, blog posts, or long comments. We’ll discuss the defining aspects of a Chrome extension, implement solutions to edge cases, and adhere to the conventions imposed by the Chromium developers.


Define properties, permissions, and scripts


Paint.net is great for basic image editing, it has most of the functionality of photoshop but is easier to learn and free. I used it to create the banner and 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, and 128x128 pixel files.

Text summarization APIs can be expensive, inconsistent, and inaccurate. Customize one for your use-case with these python libraries.

Writing the API

After experimenting with several summarization libraries, I found sumy to be the most accurate. There is no new text generated — sumy simply scores each sentence by significance and returns the top x results. Because the first paragraph of an article usually attempts to summarize the page, I wanted to include it with every response.

Although sumy’s scoring system performs well, its article extraction mechanism is not great. It will often interpret comments, advertisements, and unrelated subsections as part of the story. This is fine because the unrelated sentences will score very low and be excluded from the result. …

Game development doesn’t have to be an arduous undertaking

Easy to learn

When compared to Unreal Engine or Unity, Phaser allows you to get started in a fraction of the time. Web development skills are transferrable to Phaser, where as other engines require extensive rundowns of their unique environments. Instead of watching countless tutorials or taking courses, Phaser allows you to dive right in with a few code examples or blog posts. Phaser’s naming conventions and overall design make using the framework seamless and intuitive.


You don’t have to download asset packs, install plugins, or import dependencies. Phaser brings game development far closer to the code, and further from the endless options…


The foundations of OOP

In such a dynamic field, it can be hard to tell what knowledge you should keep and what knowledge you might only need temporarily. Regardless of your specialization, these four established principles will appear time and time again throughout your career.


Handle complexity by hiding implementation details from the user. Whenever you call an API, you are using an example of abstraction. You don’t know or need to know what the code within the API looks like — you only need it to return the result. This can also apply to methods, objects, and data structures. …

Add 2 lines of code

It is considered good practice to rate limit an API to allow for a better flow of data and to increase security by mitigating attacks such as DDoS. Rate limiting will restrict the number of requests that can be made from a unique IP address during a designated period of time.

Import the library

from ratelimit import limits

Apply the decorator

@app.route(‘/endpoint/’, methods=[‘GET’])
@limits(calls=1, period=1) #max 1 call per second
def respond():
#API code

If the limit is exceeded, the following exception will be raised.

raise RateLimitException(‘too many calls’, period_remaining)

And that’s all. Just as developers are taught to code around SQL injections, rate limiting is another necessary measure that should be implemented with any API .


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